An attempt to build a dry stone wall  / Ein Versuch eine Mauer zu bauen 
wall, digital print on organic fiber, curtain rail, wood
approx. 360 x 220 cm


An attempt to build a dry stone wall  refers to the contrast between the image represented and the material on which the image appears. The weight of a stone wall is set in a thin, almost transparent material, linking to forms of representation as carriers of apparent histories. An old stone wall that gives insight into the site’s history appears also as an overgrown part of a present landscape. The technique of dry masonry does not require any addition of material besides what is found on site. The wall appears as a cartographic gesture as well as an architectural structure that enables agriculture in steep geography. By literally rebuilding on the ruins of a decayed wall, where nature-culture intersections get blurred, the work refers to the archaeological memory of the river valley as a site of co-existence, dependency, and control.


Exhibition view at Drago More, Rijeka, Croatia: Mapping the Cartographic: Contemporary Approaches to Planetarization20.01. –18.02.2022