Der Mond ist aufgegangen / A lua nasceu

Min ”24

first published at
Dose magazine # 11
October 2023

The contribution for Dose Magazine #11, which appears in a vibrant Pantone red, comprises of three spreads and a video sketch. The title ‘Der Mond ist aufgegangen’ aims to convey the fascination surrounding the moon since the dawn of humankind through bits of found, etched and painted footage. By employing a simple poetic collage, rather than a thorough investigation, one can discover associations, as the lunar surface, a prehistoric calendar, and a mathematical sequence of its rhythm. One can also see a video still of the moon rising on Portugal’s west coast and the handwritten words to the popular German song called ‘Abendlied / Der Mond ist aufgegangen’ by Matthias Claudius (1779). In the video sketch one is invited to listen to bits of that song, recorded and sent to me via voice messages by friends, colleagues and family members, overlaying the noisy waves. The lullaby, passed on from generation to generation to share peace and comfort, becomes a gentle reminder of a peaceful moment in time, as a description of a quiet evening with mist rising from the meadows- or over the sea – into a peaceful night.


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Featuring the following artists’ work:
1 Carolina Grilo Santos
2 Catarina Lucas
3 Maria Matias
4 Mariana Malheiro
5 Mafalda Riobom
6 Leonardo Quintaneiro
7 Agata Lech
8 Filipa Almeida
9 Clarice Cunha
10 Paula König
11 Renato Chorão
12 Rita Borralho Silva

My spreads got layouted by Johann König, thank you!